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Choosing the Right Solution for Online Appointment Scheduling

Is online appointment scheduling the secret to a better branch experience?

Banks of all sizes are investing in online appointment scheduling to deliver on their omnichannel goals, while fulfilling the promise of a more personalized and convenient branch experience. But selecting the right solution – one that meets your unique needs and performance standards – can be challenging.

Our complimentary evaluation guide & RFP checklist can help you define your requirements and assess vendors on critical success criteria including:

  • Available features, including the ability to support multiple appointment types, lobby and queue management, and events
  • Technical requirements, including integrations to other installed systems
  • Security and privacy controls
  • Communications capabilities, including pre- and post-appointment notifications
  • Implementation and onboarding support
  • Ease of use and management for in-branch staff
  • Cost expectations and potential ROI
  • Specific industry experience and references

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